(Membership is open to all individuals aged 18 and older with an interest in joining the choir.  The application process includes completing a Membership Information Form and Member Statement of Agreement and submitting it the Membership Committee or Choir President.  The individual may be assigned to a vocal section or scheduled for an audition.  Upon successful completion of the application process and subsequent receipt of any dues or fees required, the individual is considered a member.  A member must remain in good standing while participating in the Choir. 

Membership Dues and Fees
All Members are required to pay monthly dues of $25.00.  Total dues for each member will be $250.00 for the season.  If a member chooses to pay for the entire season upfront, a $25.00 discount will be applied making the members total payment $225.00 for the entire concert season.  Payment is due the first rehearsal scheduled of the month (Please see volunteer agreement page for further information).  There is no refund in the event the member leaves the choir before the end of the season or year. 

A one-time refundable music fee of $25.00 is due from each member.  This will be refunded back to the member at the end of the concert season when your music book is returned.  Failure to return your music book will result in forfeiture of your music fee. 

Probationary Period
A Member who joins the choir will begin with an initial probationary period.  The probationary period runs through the completion of their first primary performance. The member and choir leadership will assess the fit between singer and choir.  If either finds a significant reason why continued membership is not in the best interests of the individual or choir, the new member will be asked to leave the choir.

(Please refer to the membership handbook available upon request for additional details surrounding membership in Voices of the Desert.)

Membership - Need to Know Info

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To access the Voices of the Desert Google Drive: Request permission from president@voicesofthedesert.org. Once access is set up, go to http://drive.google.com and you should see the drive under 'Shared With Me'.